BAM Adventures
Becoming A Man Adventures

The journey to manhood is a challenging process for every young man – a path often fraught with questions and misunderstandings.  With The Dad’s Anchors, we take the guesswork out of building men and give dads the tools to develop a meaningful relationship with their sons.

In Dad’s Anchors, John Brantley and his sons, Drew and Tyler reveal the powerful system and tools that are changing father and son relationships across the country.  Raising sons should be an adventure.  Let us show you the system.


In Dad’s Anchors, you will learn how to:

    - Build a Rhythm of Action that empowers your  son

    - Identify the five critical times every day with your son and how to maximize these.

    - Gain the knowledge essential to know your son and his world

    - Give your son “the blessing,” what every son wants from his dad

    - Implement the “do and discuss method,” the secret to creating great discussion

    - Affirm your son in a way that reinforces right performance

    - Learn the template for good communications - “call what you see, help me understand, VCR”

    - Teach your son how to be a great problem solver

    - Resolve conflict in a constructive way

    - Build positive accountability and self-discipline

    - Teach your son to be a great decision maker

    - Let your son take the lead – the only true way to empower him.

Dad’s Anchors will teach you how to have more fun with your son than you can imagine.  And build a relationship that will last a lifetime!


We all want our sons to be strong healthy successful men.  Dad’s Anchors will show you the system and the tools.


What BAM Adventures fathers have said about this method:


“I have good intentions, but taking the time to build our relationship is difficult.  This gave me a system that works.”

“I wanted to really connect with my son before he hit middle school.  It happened using the methods found in Dad’s Anchors.”



Dad’s Anchors - $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  Overnight shipping available if desired. 


Changing your son’s life begins when you order Dad’s Anchors.