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BAM Adventures retreats are dynamic, adventure filled weekends that will take father and son out of the normal day to day routine and send them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Fortunately there are many groups doing father son retreats, but there are three things that distinguish our business from others.


1.  Sons take the lead in all BAM activities. Whether it’s in a discussion or a scavenger hunt, sons are the ones taking the lead.  Through taking charge, they learn leadership skills and gain confidence in their ideas and actions.

2.  Conversations. Our unique discussion guides take the guesswork out of talking with young men about important topics.

3.  Unforgettable projects and activities.  Our weekends are packed with out of the ordinary activities and projects that fathers and sons participate in together.


In the end, we take the guesswork out of helping build men out of boys so that you can enjoy the process or helping your son develop into the man he was created to be.  BAM Adventures provides all of the structure, organization, and processes for fathers and sons to experience a relationship changing adventure.


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"I spoke with my son more in the last three days than I have in the last 13 years."

- A Father after a BAM Adventures retreat


“It is often hard to sit down and have a conversation with our sons. We have the best of intentions, but there are often emotional barriers that prevent us from talking. BAM gave us a structure and permission to cut through the barriers and go straight to the question at heart.”

- A Father after a BAM Adventures retreat


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Spring 2012

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Spring Dates:

Weekend 1 - May 18-20

Weekend 2 - May 25-27