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Welcome to MAN Adventures, the BAM Adventures division that is committed to helping adult men continue to grow and challenge themselves on the journey through manhood.


In MAN Adventures, you will be pushed to think deeper, love stronger, and act boldly in your daily life.


The Origins of MAN Adventures


For years we considered creating a new brotherhood of men committed to doing great things in this world and inspiring the next generation of men to do the same – a community of men committed to fearless living and courageous leadership.

We need men with the courage to step out, steer into the storm and be fearless in their actions to achieve great things.  Read the histories of great men through the ages.  Nearly all of them had one thing in common – a community of like- minded men who pushed them to think deeper, love stronger and act boldly.  These societies of men encouraged intense discussion, active debate and courageous action.

The transforming impact these men had on the world occurred, in part, because they were encouraged by the communities of men around them.  When we surround ourselves with others who push us to explore, challenge us to think and call us to act, we can collectively do greater things that any of us could alone.
With this in mind we created the MAN Adventures curriculum.  You will find it energizing and inspiring in your own life and your commitment to live fearlessly and to engage the next generation of young men to manifest greatness in their lives is essential to changing the world.  
This group celebrates what it means to be a man today.  It is a community that inspires each of us to grow, explore and become energized for the continued journey through manhood.  By fostering positive accountability and pushing each other to challenge our own limits, we will move beyond being effective leaders and become exceptional leaders – in our families, our workplaces and our communities.  
We all pass through this life just once.  What is the legacy that you will leave?  Collectively, we can leave a legacy of new men committed to purpose, courage, honor, excellence and love.  
Through stimulating presentations, small group interaction and discussion, and mentoring opportunities, MAN Adventures is an intergenerational community of adult men that support, encourage and challenge each other to push beyond the norm and into greatness.

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MAN Adventures September Meeting

Date:  September 26, 2010

Time:  5pm - 7pm

Location:  724 Booger Hill Road

                   Danielsville, GA 20633

What to bring: Pen & Paper for notes and $7 if you plan on staying for dinner

Please RSVP by emailing


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