BAM Adventures
Becoming A Man Adventures

Want to lead your own BAM Adventures event?

Come to one of our Event Coordinator Training Sessions to learn everything you need to lead your own BAM Adventures event.  Two days of action packed training will equip you and your staff with all of the tools and strategies to make your event a success!

Upcoming training session dates will be announced shortly...

What You Will Get Out of A  Two Day Training Session:

   A BAM Adventure Kit - A turn key guide to leading your own BAM Adventures events.

       This in depth manual includes step by step instructions to help you plan, lead, and evaluate

       your own retreats.

   -  Professional team building strategies to maximize your staff's productivity in

       planning and hosting an event.  We've teamed up with JTB Communications, Inc., a leader

       in the professional development industry for over 25 years, to give you hands on team

       building training and materials for your staff.  You will learn how to organize teams, create

       energy and focus within them, foster open communication between them, and much more.

   -  Practice leading every part of a BAM Adventures event.  You and your leadership

       team will learn how to lead every activity and breakout session during a BAM Adventures

       weekend.  We will lead you through the activities, practice them with you, and then debrief

       them so that you can learn every detail of this high impact father-son experience.

   -  Marketing Strategies for your event.  Getting fathers and sons to attend is the first

       step to creating a successful BAM Adventures event.  We will provide practical strategies

       for marketing your event in order to maximize attendance.

   -  Problem solving strategies.  We will discuss the most common problems that come up

       during a father-son event, show you how to prevent them if possible, and if not, how to

       address them in a constructive and proactive way.


Day One

8:30     Welcome, Introductions, and Overview

8:45     Philosophy of BAM Adventures

9:00     Understanding the Structure and Design of a BAM Adventure

10:00   Planning Your BAM Adventure (working session for your team)

10:30   Break

10:45    Leading Your BAM Adventure (working session for your team)

11:30    Weekend Breakdown - Friday Evening (practice and planning)

12:00    Lunch

1:00     Weekend Breakdown - Saturday (practice and planning)

2:00     Leading Father-Son Initiatives the BAM Adventures Way (planning and practice)

3:00     Break

3:15      Leading Father-Son Initiatives the BAM Adventures Way (planning and practice)

3:45      Father-Son Discussions (review them and role play)

4:45      Father-Son Trivia (how to lead it)

5:30      Break

6:00      Supper

7:00      Man Stories and Campfire (how to create the last evening experience)

Day Two

8:30     Review of Day One Content

9:00     Leading The Great Father-Son Adventure Race (Planning and Practice)

10:30   Break

10:45   Leading The Great Father Son Adventure Race (Planning and Practice)

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Construction and Destruction (planning and practice)

3:00    Break

3:15     The Circle of Affirmation (practice and planning)

4:00    Final Planning Session

5:00    Debrief

5:30    Adjourn

In two days you will be able to walk out the door and begin planning your own BAM Retreat!

To sign up, contact us via email at or by phone at (706) 424-2725


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